Saturday, November 24, 2012

the perfect blue dress :)

Its been almost two months since Ive written on this blog.
I don't really live a very interesting life sooo i really dont know what to write sometimes.
But Thanksgiving just passed and I'm so impressed with how fast time is moving now. Is it because I'm getting older? Or does time is time passing faster now? This year is about to end and a new to start... It's interesting how time works...
Anyways I had a great Thanksgiving... Passed it with my husbands family... and I can't wait till Christmas because we'll be spending it with my family... My sister is getting married on the 22 so that's really exciting... I'm in the search of the perfect dress.. royal blue, long, not to tight, with sleeves :) so long as its nice and classy and modest :) its too much to ask but ill keep looking hopefully I'll find something. too bad i don't know how to sew otherwise I could make the perfect dress. :0
God bles

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